ExKreations (Daniel) started streaming in July 2018 and has already spent nearly 1,000 hours online playing some of his favorite games, newer games and interesting community favorites – all while having an amazing time becoming a part of the Epilogue Gaming community. He lives and breathes enthusiasm that is immediately apparent the moment he picks up a nostalgic title or begins to analyze a brand new experience for its merits and potential faults. Simultaneously the conversations had with the community during these playthroughs have been a major highlight of the experience for ExKreations as a streamer.

A ‘core’ part of the channel outside of variety streaming is without a doubt Hollow Knight by Team Cherry. ExKreations began speedrunning and challenge-running this game within the previous months and has pushed a first attempt of 5hr3min down to a PB (Personal Best) of 1hr19min. Future challenges will include routing and executing Completion Speedruns and perhaps someday he may expand to running other games altogether.


Times can be slightly inconsistent in that ExKreations likes to stream whenever humanly possible. You can generally expect a stream at least once a day with occasional announcements over Discord regarding daily changes or days off. Specific games or features taking place on specific days is still something that is being worked out as the stream matures.

Monday – Friday [10 PM – 2 AM EST]

Weekends: [1PM EST]