SiNxRealize is a Pokemon content creator on YouTube as well as a Nintendo Variety Caster broadcaster. He started streaming in March of 2016 playing Pokemon and other Nintendo titles on the GameBoy Advance. Sin eventually started taking his content more seriously over the past year. His goal as a broadcaster is to make at least 1 person’s day better when watching his stream.

While Sin wasn’t taking streaming at all seriously until the past year, he has finally buckled down and started to grind on Twitch including having a set schedule on when he goes live! Since taking things a bit more seriously, he has found more success while casting and has been building his own community, The SiNple People.

Alongside being a Twitch broadcaster, SiNxRealize uploads Pokemon related content to his YouTube channel. His first series, which ended unfinished, was with fellow Epilogue Gaming caster, Brightwolfz. After finding that he has been really enjoying being a content creator, he started to cover many aspects of Pokemon on YouTube, ranging from Nuzlockes to Wi-fi battles, to covering news released!


Monday – Friday [7 PM EST]* – If you stop by Sin’s stream on a weekday, chances are that he’s bunkering down for some relaxed shiny hunting or Pokemon play. As of late, he is exploring other Nintendo games like Kirby, Splatoon and Super Mario Odyssey. 


Monday, Wednesday, Friday [10 AM EST] – Can’t find a stream to watch? Sin uploads YouTube videos three times a week and has a ton of content already uploaded.


*Wednesdays are usually taken off