LudoFM began as a collaborative project between Blake Guthrie and Preston Johnston about exploring how videogames tell stories. We published our first articles and podcasts for Epilogue in January of 2018, after presenting videogame research at academic conferences. The LudoFM channel is a lot more laid back and, frankly, absurd. 



Blake runs the LudoFM twitch channel, joining after watching his friend Bengerman10 have so much fun while streaming. You can catch Blake on Twitch mostly during the early afternoon, where he focuses on indie and variety gaming. Blake loves small games that pack emotional punches, and fawns over games that prioritize art and storytelling.

Streams titled !blake feature games that Blake has been wanting to or encouraged to play for a long time, and is going in for his very first playthrough. If you’re interested in following along with Blake’s blind playthroughs, this would be the best time to tune in. These games are usually very story heavy.


Sporadically, Blake will launch surprise !garbage streams, where he gathers a motley of free or poorly reviewed games that usually break either his computer or his will. Watch at your own peril. These games often live up to their reputation of “garbage,” the currency of LudoFM’s channel. About 20% of the time, Blake falls in love with one of these games – and that’s why he keeps on.  



Monday-Friday: [3:30PM EST “!blake”]
Blake tries to stream twice a week during weekdays, often rotating days, but almost always about the same time.

Saturday-Sunday: [9:00AM EST “!blake”]
Blake is an early riser, and starts streams sometimes as early as 7AM EST. He usually continues until the early afternoon.

*check the LudoFM twitch page for multiplayer updates – Blake streams with friends on most weekends

**surprise !garbage streams each week: turn on follow notifications to catch the absurdity!