Welcome to the Starship Atlantis, where your host and captain DJ Royster will take you on a ride filled with laughs and thrills. Royster has been casting for about four years, completing an array of long playthroughs and becoming one of the most prolific variety streamers on Twitch. He also fosters one of the best small communities on Twitch, with several long time viewers who always add to the hilarity and discussion. There are few better and more accomplished streamers on Twitch, so if you’re looking for comfortable and healthy discussion about video games – from classics to contemporary, DJ Royster is your guy.



Monday – Wednesday [5 PM EST]: To set up the rest of the week, Royster streams a variety of single player games – from Final Fantasy to Subnautica. If you’re interested in following along with Royster’s long playthroughs, this would be the best time to tune in.


Friday [5 PM EST]: Royster dubs these “Fun Fridays”, as it gives he and his viewers a chance to explore some of the best multiplayer games available. If you’re looking for a laugh, turning on Royster’s Friday streams are an absolute must.


Saturday and Sundays [Noon]: The weekends provide a wide variety of flavor. Whether it be streaming horror games with his partner in crime Disco Duck on Saturdays, or sitting back for some relaxing Stardew Valley on a Sunday, Royster loves enjoying his weekends with some good ol’ fashioned video games. Kick back and unwind with one of the best weekend streams on Twitch.